Treat Plants as Loved Members of the Family and Watch Them Thrive!!!

It’s no secret many folks consider their pets a part of the family.  In the majority, I hope,  people consider their children a part of the family, at least until they are teenagers.
There is a growing community of good hearted people that have decided to view the plants in their life as family. They call themselves Plant Parents.
And why not?  You wouldn’t spend the time, effort and money to find the the perfect kitten or puppy and then just set it in a corner or drop it in the backyard and leave it to fend for itself?
Plants are totally dependent on you if they are in pots. If they are in the ground, they depend on you to be sure their needs are meant until they have established themselves in their new home.
It can be a lot of responsibility for anyone. Everyone should know pets, and children, need attention, care and yes, love, to take hold and thrive.  You can see the result in the way they respond to you physically and emotionally .
The case may be true for plants as well. I know true Plant Parents will swear by it.  There are scientific studies that show that plants do react to a variety of stimuli. I read a study that plant may make sounds in response to their needs and  conditions.
Plants are living things. Like all living things we bring into home, it is important to pay attention to their requirements just as we would our child, dog, cat, iguana, or whatever we choose to share our lives with.
I’m not going to say it’s inhumane but it bothers me to see neglect of plants. It is not in the plants best interest.
Plants are an investment. Like all living things in your “family”, you invest  time, money, and attention .  It’s a good feeling to see a positive return on your investment.
Plants can be a joyful companion that give pleasure with, in truth, a minimal amount of effort. Like everything, understand what they need and provide for them.
The rewards are endless.