Start Early To Protect Trees and Shrubs

When the buds on the trees begin to swell, you know for sure that Spring is not far away.
There are a few things to consider toward tree maintenance as that time approaches.
If you did not fertilize your trees last Fall, now is a good time to check that task off your To Do list. We recommend Fertilome Tree and Shrub Food. Granulated and easy to apply. Follow directions and place it in a ring around the drip line of your trees.
Trees that have been recently planted or are susceptible to borer and other insect damage, need a dose of Fertilome Tree and Shrub Insecticidal Drench. Applied at a rate of one ounce per caliper inch, it will provide the season long prevention your tree deserves.
Now is the time to apply horticultural or dormant oil to Fruit and Oak trees. This is recommended to reduce damage from scale and other insects. It is best to apply before the tree buds break open. Natural Guard Horticultural Oil is safe and easy to apply.
The same is true when treating peach trees for Peach Leaf Curl. Fertilome Broad Spectrum Fungicide works when applied properly and before bud break.
Consider finishing any pruning you may have been putting off. Some species such as River Birch and Maple, weep sap excessively if you wait to long. It doesn’t harm the tree but can be a bit unnerving.
Spring manages to catch many off guard and it is easy to be overwhelmed with everything that needs done.
Check a few of those tasks off your list this before Spring hits in full force.