Know Your Soil, Testing is All It Takes !

As with any project you plan on investing considerable time and money, we have all learned the correct amount of preparation plays a key role in reaching a successful goal.
When we start thinking about gardening projects, one of your first considerations should be soil testing and preparation.
Correct soil texture, fertility and ph can mean the difference between success and failure. Soil testing is a very simple option to give you the information to correct most conditions that may hamper your garden plans. Soil test can be very basic, like your do it yourself kits to very detailed as the results you would receive from a testing facility.

Most DIY kits Like the Rapitest Soil Test Kit or Mosser Lee Soil Test Kit will give you readings of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potash and Soil PH.  I consider the soil PH as one of the most critical. If soil PH is incorrect, often nutrients can be locked in the soil in such away your plants cannot access them. DIY Kits will be accurate enough to give you a baseline to work with.

Once you have that baseline, you have the information to let you deal with any adjustments that need to be made. Drop into the store and we will show you the correct amendments to correct any problems.

If you would like to send a soil sample to a testing facility, I suggest dropping a sample off at the KSU Extension Service,  at 21st and Ridge Road, you will not only get the above information in more accurate figures, you will also get data on your soil composition. With their report you will also receive recommendations on what products and amounts you need to correct any insufficiency or problems.