February Is Not Too Early To Care For Your Lawn!!!

The weather of Kansas has begun teasing us with intermittent fabulous days. Mixed with the reminders it is still Winter.
Regardless of the current weather forecast, it is time to plan your strategy for this season’s lawn  maintenance.
First, evaluate the condition of the lawn and remember how it looked last summer.  Is it thin, was it full of weeds, is it full of weeds now, or does it look pretty good?
If you think you may want to overseed this Spring, there a few things to consider.  When you plan on seeding now, you may not be able to apply any weed killers or preventers. Both will delay when you can plant. In the Spring the seed needs to be in as early as conditions allow. It takes longer to sprout in the Spring because the soil is colder. The new seed needs to be emerged and growing long enough to have been mowed at least three times before any type of weed control can be applied.
Crabgrass preventer can be applied between now and April 15 for best results. New seeding usually will put you past that date.
Fall is considered the best time to seed and overseed. You may want to think about waiting if you want optimum results.
If you currently see broadleaf weeds in the lawn, now is a very good time to apply Fertilome Weed Free Zone. It works at temperaturs down to 40 degrees. Small weeds are far easier to kill than large ones.
For lawn that look generally good, we offer 4 and 5 Step Lawn Care Programs.  For one low price, you get everything you need for a full season of maintenance. An added bonus is we will store the material for you and notify you to pick it up and apply it.
Drop in the store. We will explain the plans for you and get you on your way to a beautiful lawn