Does A Plant Warrantee Really Benefit the Consumer?

Imagine you are a local family nursery providing quality plants and services.  You take pride in your work and your products. You have established yourself as providing value to your community.  You send the customers home with healthy plants and the knowledge to succeed, no need for guarantee.

Think about a large corporate entity whose goal is to sell lots of stuff and provide profits to their stockholders.  They move into your area, offer an abundance of merchandise at irresistible prices.  The problem is, in order to compensate for lack of knowledge and quality, they promise a guarantee and low prices to lure you to purchase from them.

How is a local small business going to compete?  The fact is if low price and guarantee is all the consumer wants, the small business is in a very difficult position.

Many nurseries offer guarantees now, we do, not because the quality and knowledge has changed but because it is expected. There are conditions to this guarantee.

The unfortunate outcome of this practice has led prices to escalate in order to cover the guarantee, and some people have decided a guarantee means they no longer had to care for the plants, not paying attention to the conditions. The conditions are, if the plant is not properly cared for or circumstances beyond our control, weather the biggest culprit, the guarantee is void.  We do use digression in unusual cases.

We bend over backwards to provide good advice and instruction. It serves no purpose to send people home with sick plants and poor advice, especially if there is a guarantee.

This past Winter was particularly hard on many plants. We had no way of predicting or preventing the outcome of the cold snap.  Some  plants installed last year were damaged or died.

We have had, and will have more customers asking on what will be covered under the warrantee.

It should be obvious to anyone, no one can control the weather and very little could have been done to prevent the damage and loss.  We will be handling these issues on a case by case basis. We will be addressing concerns and loses as fairly as possible.

It would be interesting to hear your opinion. Where does our responsibility end and the consumer responsibility begin?   If you were a retailer of plants, what would your position be?
What are your expectations when you purchase plant material to be cared for by yourself?