A landscape can’t be complete without at least one tree. Trees add height and structure, give welcome shade, and help provide privacy from neighboring buildings. They produce food and a habitat for wildlife and also add beauty to the landscape. As with all perennial plants, select only those that thrive in Kansas using the USDA plant hardiness zone. Once a tree is selected, it’s important to take into account a tree’s height and width at maturity. Planning for a tree’s future dimensions ensures a picture perfect garden for years to come.

Ornamental Tree - Brady Nursery - Wichita, KS


Ornamental trees grown in gardens are generally smaller than woodland trees. They are usually chosen for their especially attractive features that can change with the seasons. These can include pretty spring blossoms, vibrant autumn foliage, attractive bark or berries, or edible fruits. In many ornamental tree varieties, there can be a combination of any of these attractive features. Ornamental trees can be grown in a variety of locations and placements within a garden. They can be used as a lawn’s standalone focal point, in a shrub and flower border, or grouped together to make a little grove. Many look beautiful with spring bulbs planted underneath and surrounding the trunk. 

Ornamental trees are also considered low-maintenance plants. They require little pruning and watering after they have initially been established. Prune ornamental trees as they grow to enhance their natural shape. Pruning is also an opportunity to cut away any dead, diseased or crossing branches to keep the tree healthy. The best time to prune deciduous trees is while they are dormant, from November to March. Brady Nursery has a nice selection of ornamental trees. This includes twelve varieties of flowering crabapples, blackgum, magnolia, Japanese tree lilac, red buds and Japanese maples.


Shade trees mean carefree summer days, family gatherings in the canopy of its leaves and napping in hammocks. Large, majestic shade trees provide comfort in the summer allowing your family to eat outdoors and entertain friends and family. The shade provided from a tree keeps backyards cooler, as well as the house, which can save you money. Studies have shown that just three trees around the house reduce energy use for cooling by up to 50%. With rising energy costs and conservation, planting shade trees can reduce energy bills too. Studies also suggest that trees and an attractive garden add as much as 15% to property value. Trees also filter 50% or more of harmful rays from the sun, making it safer for children to play outside. 

Brady Nursery has been growing trees in Wichita since 1952, planting trees all winter and every winter since. We plant trees September through June, and recommend avoiding planting shade trees in the heat of July and August. Brady has introduced many new tree selections to the Wichita area. These varieties include lacebark elm, Japanese tree lilac, white bud, shingle oak and American yellowwood. The Brady tree field has expanded to over ten acres under production with over fifty varieties of shade, ornamental and evergreen trees. We have many sizes starting from #5 containers up to 4-inch diameter balled and burlapped trees dug from our field. If “It’s A Brady” then it’s the best you can buy.

Shade Tree - Brady Nursery - Wichita, KS