Shrubs are multi-stemmed plants that are shorter than most trees and fit into almost any garden. There are two basic types of shrubs: evergreen and deciduous. Evergreen shrubs have foliage all year long while deciduous shrubs lose their foliage during the cold season. When choosing what type of shrub to plant, there are many factors to consider. The choice should depend on the exposure, climate and type of soil your site provides. Many shrubs need well-draining soil to thrive, but not all. Some also do well in wet and poor drainage areas. Let the knowledgeable staff at Brady Nursery help with your shrub selections.

Hydrangeas - Brady Nursery - Wichita, KS


Deciduous shrubs are versatile and can be used for hedging, privacy screens, windbreaks, adding color and texture, or wildlife habitats. These shrubs lose their leaves in the winter and can be as tall as a short tree or used as low ground cover. They offer a change of interest in the landscape with every passing season in many different ways. Many deciduous shrub varieties provide spring flowers and summer fruit in addition to their foliage. Others show off fiery red, gold, and orange leaves in autumn and exciting bark visibility in winter. It’s important to take into account a shrub’s height and width at maturity to ensure it’ll fit into the landscape. Gardeners should also determine whether flowers. fruit, or an autumn display is important to the landscape. There are many factors to consider when deciding which deciduous shrubs to plant. Brady Nursery continues to hunt for new varieties appearing on the market. Recent examples include new crapemyrtles, barberry and hydrangea. 


Evergreen shrubs form the backbone of a garden. They are easy to care for and provide structure and interest during all four seasons of the year. Evergreen shrubs provide year-round color, texture, and privacy. They also offer food and shelter to birds and wildlife. There are thousands of types of evergreen shrubs in every size and shape. Some varieties offered at Brady Nursery include boxwood, euonymus, holly, nandina, Japanese yews and spreading junipers. Colors range from the deepest emerald green to a sunny golden-green. Like with deciduous shrubs, it’s important to take into account how tall and wide the shrub will be at maturity. If considering a fast-growing shrub, appropriate spacing helps decrease the number of prunings throughout the year. There are also newer compact varieties perfect for up against the house as a foundation planting or in patio containers. With evergreen shrubs, spend less time caring for the garden and more time enjoying it. 

Holly Bush - Brady Nursery - Wichita, KS