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Planting & Care Guide for Shade and Ornamental Trees

Ornamental trees are generally smaller than woodland trees and are chosen for their attractive features that change with the seasons. Large, majestic shade trees provide comfort in the summer allowing your family to eat outdoors and entertain friends and family. 

LOCATION – Properly located, shade trees greatly enhance the beauty of your home. Plant trees to give cooling shade and to screen unsightly views or create privacy. This can also reduce energy use and costs. Ornamental trees may be planted closer to the house and placed to display colorful flowers and fruit or berries. Good drainage is essential for proper root development.

PLANTING – All balled and burlapped trees should be planted as soon as possible to prevent the root system from drying out. Dig your hole twelve inches wider than the diameter and one inch less than the depth of the root ball. Plant so the tip of the ball is one to two inches above the existing soil surface. Ask a Brady employee for correct information on your type of tree. Do NOT remove the burlap or wire baskets because to do so might break the root ball. Both will decompose. Always cut and remove the rope around the trunk. Backfill your planting hole with three parts soil to one part compost. Gypsum is recommended to loosen heavy clay soil. Form a large soil berm or well around the edge of the planting hole to create a watering basin.

WATERING – Watering is vital when planting to settle the soil around the root ball. Water thoroughly and tamp the soil to settle it and add additional soil if necessary. Apply Fertilome Root Stimulator to promote new root development at planting and monthly thereafter during the first growing season. Remember, watering is extremely necessary the first year or two. If rain is insufficient, apply one inch of water weekly during the summer and increase during very hot, dry weather. Let your hose run slowly at the base of the tree until the water has penetrated to root depth. You must physically check the soil to prevent over watering. Too much water may be more harmful than too little water, especially in heavy clay soil.

MULCHING – After planting and watering, mulch the entire root zone with two to three inches of cypress mulch or cedar mulch. Mulch retains moisture and lowers soil temperature during the summer, promoting vigorous root development.

STAKING – Staking is recommended during the first growing season. On large B&B trees, three wires should be secured to anchor stakes to maintain the tree upright. Guy wires must be encased in rubber hose or plastic tubing where it’s touching the tree to prevent trunk damage. Periodically check your guy wires to adjust tension.

PRUNING - Brady Nursery trees are individually pruned and staked during field production, assuring specimen quality. Additional pruning is not required when planting.

FERTILIZING – Use Thrive (organic) or Fertilome Root Stimulator once a week for eight weeks, then monthly for the first growing season. After the first season, use Fertilome Tree and Shrub food as recommended. Always water Fertilome Tree and Shrub food in well after fertilizing.

SPRAYING – If insect or disease problems are suspected, bring in samples of the injury or pest to the nursery. Our experts can help identify the problem and provide the recommended treatment.