Mike Brady

Mike Brady learned about growing trees and began helping the field crew at age 16 by digging and planting trees in the growing field. He is a Kansas certified Nurseryman and began working full time in 1978.

Each year, Mike tries the newest cultivars, to test them for the Kansas climate, and Brady Nursery is now known to grow many rare and unusual trees in specimen sized, from 6′ tall to 8″ in diameter. In 1952, Brady Nursery started with only 2.5 acres. Mike greatly expanded Brady Nursery’s tree growing operation in 1992, with the purchase of 160 acres between Wichita and Goddard. Brady Nursery now has over 60 acres of trees in production, with over 150 varieties.
Mike Brady tries to continue in his “father’s footsteps”, by planting trees that other nurseries do not know or grow! His goal is to have each tree individually pruned, staked, and carefully grown to produce the finest quality tree possible. “Dad always said: To have the finest trees, we have to grow our own!”