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Care of Plant Materials


The following recommendations, when observed, should result in the survival of all plant materials installed.

MARCH, APRIL, MAY – Water only when the soil appears dry on the surface and is dry three to four inches deep. If you have an automatic sprinkling system, it will be applying some water to the trees in the lawn area. Therefore, these trees may only need to be thoroughly soaked by hand once per week or two. Watering frequency depends on the soil type and if the weather is rainy versus hot, dry, and windy. Shrubs in planting beds receive water less frequently from lawn sprinkler systems. Planting bed shrubs should be watered twice each week during cooler months and three times per week during warmer months. For newly planted trees, apply Fertilome Tree & Shrub Systemic Insect Drench at the tree base and water thoroughly. This can protect the trees against borers, pine tip moths, scales and other insects. Repeat each March for 5 years.

JUNE, JULY, AUGUST – Continue as above with watering and borer spraying and adjust the watering frequency in the shrub beds based on rainfall. Lawn-planted trees in heavy clay should be watered by hand weekly or when the soil appears to be dry three to four inches deep. In a better draining soil, the soil will dry out to the three to four inch depth sooner. This means watering may be required more often, possibly two to three times per week. The only sure way to water properly is physically check the moisture level three to four inches deep.

SEPTEMBER, OCTOBER, NOVEMBER – Continue watering as necessary. This may be only once per week for all plants. Water once every week in November & once every 2 weeks in December. Fertilize all plants with Fertilome Tree & Shrub Food. Repeat every Fall for 5 years. For all new trees, wrap tree trunks with paper tree wrap from the ground to the first set of limbs. This will protect the trunk from the winter sun which can cause sun scald or frost cracks.

DECEMBER, JANUARY, FEBRUARY – Newly planted trees & shrubs need water during the winter. Water trees & shrubs if the soil is not frozen and above 40 degrees. The soil should also appear dry on the surface and be dry three to four inches deep. During a lack of rainfall or snow, the maximum frequency should be a thorough soaking once every 3 weeks.