Your Best Selection of Trees is in the Spring !

We’ve been digging trees in between rain showers. The trucks are arriving with container trees: shade, ornamental and fruit.
It is the perfect time to plant. Get your trees in the ground as soon as possible.  Trees will prepare for hot weather with new root growth.
One of the best reasons to purchase a tree in the Spring is the selection is at it’s highest. Balled and burlap trees are dug in Winter, so that is all until next Winter.
We receive more container trees during the season but are limited to what is available from the container nurseries. Buy now for the best selection of the whole year.
Recently, many new homeowners with HOA’s have discovered their covenants have specifications for trees they are allowed to plant.  It would be in your best interest to check those specifications before purchasing. We’ve heard horror stories from customers that didn’t meet requirements and had to spend unbudgeted money to replace the existing plant material.
The problem I have with HOAs (Homeowner Associations)that select species is, more often than not, there is not sufficient diversification in varieties to the selections. It is optimal that not more that 5% of a species be used in an area in the event a disease or insect plague that would decimate the variety.  Imagine a neighborhood populated with nothing but Autumn Blaze Maples. Then say 20 years from now, a nasty Maple disease begins to spread throughout the city. There goes the neighborhood.
Trees are a great addition to any landscape. Trees are enjoyed for many years, sometimes by more than one generation. They benefit the environment as well.
We will be happy to help you select your tree this weekend.