Your At Home, Think Beautify !!!

Nature is playing it’s usual tricks this Spring. Roller coaster temperatures, wind and unpredictable rain are keeping everyone on their toes.
Everyone knows the biggest difference this Spring is more people have time on their hands and are looking for ways to fill it. Because most are trying to stay home, a logical choice is to create or finish projects around the homestead.
Spring so often gets past us with other activities out and about but this year our attention is drawn to the home.
Spring is a prime time to plant trees and shrubs. It’s also time to clean beds and rejuvenate perennials. It’s time to weed and repair lawns.
This year new beds and new gardens are popping up. That means lots of new plants to fill those areas.
Things outside will become as beautiful or more than it has been in years. With the extra stay at home time, everyone will be able to pay close attention to their labors.  It’s going to be easier to maintain because you won’t have to wait and address problems later. You can take do what needs to be done right away.
The world we have known may never be the same again. We might as well make sure it’s better and more beautiful.