Stuck at Home, Might as well Garden!

To say we are in some strange times is an understatement. When you think about it, the best thing is to just carry on as normal as possible because there is little to be done to change the situation.
    Common sense, as uncommon as it may be, is the best course to follow.
    Being stuck at home gives you the opportunity to catch up and try different things.
    It’s cliche but when you’re given lemons, make lemonade.
    Get into a gardening mood. Get your hands dirty. Accomplish something you never thought was possible.
    A flower bed can be turned into a salad garden.  Plant some lettuce, cabbage, onions,  and radishes. Start simple and small. If you are new to gardening, don’t overwhelm yourself.
    Choose plants you find interesting. Be adventurous and try things that are unusual. Have fun. Experiment with new techniques. There is a reason gardening is near the top of the list of favorite hobbies.
    Containers Gardening is another alternative to the garden plot. Any type of container can be used, provided it has drainage. Be sure to select containers large enough to accommodate the plant you are growing.
    Gardening information is limitless on the Internet.  An example would be YouTube. It can be a great source of creative ideas. You do have to use your intelligence filter to sort out what is good or bad advice. Some tips are just nutty or very impractical. There are many interesting projects and ideas to choose from.
  Time under normal conditions for most of us is a premium. If you are one finding yourself at home due to present events, use that time to increase your gardening knowledge and skills.