Brady planting potatoes now for a plentiful harvest

Planting Potatoes Now for a Plentiful Harvest

The time has arrived for gardeners itching to be out in the garden with their hands in the dirt. In Wichita and south-central Kansas, the best time for planting potatoes is mid-March through early April. Brady Nursery has a variety of potatoes to choose from. As one of Wichita’s oldest nurseries, we also have the knowledge to help you plant potatoes for a successful harvest.

Where and How to Plant Potatoes

Many people remember St. Patrick’s Day as the perfect time to plant their potatoes. Potatoes are ideal for small and large backyards because they can be planted in containers or the garden. If you are planting potatoes in the garden, be sure to spread the rows to about three feet apart. Or you can make separate hills three to four feet apart. When deciding how many potatoes you need for a garden, plan for ten pounds per one hundred-foot row.

When the space is ready for planting, cut your potatoes into 1.5-2-ounce sections of flesh. Be sure that each potato piece has at least one ‘eye’ on it. That is where the sprout will come from. The flesh is what gives the seed potato enough food value to start growing. If you are planting potatoes in containers, place the seed potatoes two to three inches off the bottom of the pot. Then, cover them with two to three inches of potting soil. A benefit of planting potatoes in a container is that once the first row of seed potatoes begins to sprout, another layer can be planted. This allows more potatoes to grow in the confined space.

After the work of planting potatoes, be sure to give them the nutrients they need to grow. At Brady Nursery, we recommend using Hi-Yield Muriate of Potash to fertilize and feed your freshly planted potatoes. It should be added to the soil at the same time you plant potatoes. It is also good to use on all types of potatoes and root crops to help them fill out. This means you can enjoy a fuller harvest when the time comes.

Growing Potatoes

No matter where you are planting potatoes, water them well after planting and throughout the growing season. The soil should be well-saturated after you water. In a container, they will need to be watered twice a week. Potatoes planted in a garden are a little trickier to water. Your watering schedule will also depend on the amount of rain the area is receiving. 

After two to three weeks from when you planted your potatoes, it’s necessary to fertilize. Brady Nursery recommends using Fertilome Gardener’s Special all-purpose plant food. It can be used on all vegetables and should be applied every two to three weeks until harvest. Don’t forget to water the fertilizer in!

Harvesting Potatoes

Harvesting your potatoes means digging! Here in Wichita and the surrounding areas, potatoes can be harvested around early to mid-July. Be careful when digging them up though. Any that are nicked with a shovel and become exposed should be used first. The rest of the potatoes can be stored in a cool, dark spot in the house, such as your basement.

Brady Nursery Knows Potatoes

Brady Nursery knows what works and what doesn’t when it comes to planting potatoes. Joe and Catherine Brady opened Brady Nursery in 1952, making Brady Nursery one of Wichita’s oldest nursery and landscaping businesses. Being a family-operated business allows Brady Nursery to offer our customers unique benefits and perspectives. Brady Nursery’s quality and expertise can’t be found at chain stores or big retail outlets with so-called “Garden Centers” within them. We are proud to provide customers with superior quality, service, advice and value. Stop by the store today and let us help your vegetable gardening dreams come true!