Houseplant Lovers are on the Hunt !!!

There has been a noticeable resurgence in houseplant interest. People enjoy sharing there home with plants but have been hidden somewhere in the shadows. We know they are there but their numbers are a mystery.

With the advent of social media, like Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube, the Plant People are now showing off their collections.  They are sharing their successes and failures. They are tipping each other off as to where these treasures are.

While a large number still use the common name for various plant.  More and more are becoming very precise about the varieties they are looking for. They are learning the proper botanical name. This is very helpful when searching but  doesn’t help in making it available.

Some plants have become so sought after they are commanding tremendous prices. People are led to believe these plants are rare but it’s more likely supply just cannot keep up with demand. If the truth be known, when the public shows a bit more patience, the growers are able to match production to demand. I’ve already seen a few things that 6 months ago were hard to find and pricey, showing up now in the Big Box stores at giveaway prices.

There is the trend now of groups of Plant People sharing their plants through propagation and creating a communication network to spread the word on what the local plant providers have received in stock.

We are always on the lookout for the unusual, different  yet affordable houseplant varieties. It’s very challenging. When we locate something, it’s gone in a flash.

It nice to see our customers returning frequently, hoping to find another treasure and then sharing the news with their friends.