By the Pot or By the Acre, Garden Time is Here !!!

March is here and the weather is gorgeous. How can you not feel absolutely driven to go outside and get your hands dirty?
The soil in many areas is beginning to dry sufficiently to become workable. Do a soil test if you’ve never done one. It’s the only way to know where your soil stands in terms of nutrients and ph. Fixing your soil before planting is preferred to attempting repairs after plants begin to fail.
Organic material like compost and Soil Mender Composted Cow Manure adds texture and nutrients to your soil. Small areas and raised beds can be easily amended with Fertilome Organic Garden Soil.  Mixing this with your existing soil brings it back to life.
If you are gardening in containers, choose a well drained, high quality potting soil like Fox Farm Ocean Forest or Fertilome Organic Potting Soil. Remember container gardening will require more frequent fertilization.
It is time to plant your cool season crops. Peas, potatoes, onions, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, collards, beets, radishes, carrots are some of the most common but there are others. Remember to plan and stagger your planting so you are not overrun with radishes, lettuce, or anything you can’t can or store for extended periods.
It’s way too early for tomatoes and pepper outdoors but when you start your own, you should be getting them on their way indoors.
For any remaining cold spells, keep hot caps or row cover handy just in case. Many of the cool season crops will tolerate a light frost but if it looks like teens or low twenties, protect your plants.
Small gardens are great learning experiences and can be fun. Large gardens are a commitment.  You know what you can handle so get out there and get dirty.