Started in 1952 by Joe and Catherine Brady, Brady Nursery is one of Wichita’s oldest and most successful nursery and landscaping business. Now it’s managed by Joe and Catherine’s children—Pat, Mike, Cathy and Maureen—who continue to follow Joe and Catherine’s successful formula of providing their customers with superior quality, service, advice and value.
Being a family-operated business allows Brady Nursery to offer their customers benefits not found at chain stores or big retail outlets with so called “Garden Centers” within them. In 2005, Brady Nursery were involved in ABC’s Extreme Makeover show, which became one of the largest landscape projects ever in the history of the show.

Patrick F. Brady


As with most family businesses, Patrick got involved in the business at an early age. Patrick graduated from Kansas State University in 1978, with a degree in Horticulture, with an emphasis on Landscape Design. He began full-time employment after college in January 1979.
As the business grew, Patrick split his time between Landscape Design, Sales Manager for the Landscape Designers and General Manager of the business. He has designed and managed thousands of landscape projects in Wichita and the surrounding communities including, most recently renovated, the Newman University Plaza, the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Church property over several years as a donation to the church, and the Via Christi Hopsitals. Professionally, Patrick has been a board member and past President of the Wichita Nurseryman’s Association, and has helped write the Certified Nurseryman’s Manual and have been a Certified Nurseryman for over 30 years.

Mike Brady

Production Manager

Mike Brady learned about growing trees and began helping the field crew at age 16 by digging and planting trees in the growing field. He is a Kansas certified Nurseryman and began working full time in 1978.
Each year, Mike tries the newest cultivars, to test them for the Kansas climate, and Brady Nursery is now known to grow many rare and unusual trees in specimen sized, from 6′ tall to 8″ in diameter. In 1952, Brady Nursery started with only 2.5 acres. Mike greatly expanded Brady Nursery’s tree growing operation in 1992, with the purchase of 160 acres between Wichita and Goddard. Brady Nursery now has over 60 acres of trees in production, with over 150 varieties.
Mike Brady tries to continue in his “father’s footsteps”, by planting trees that other nurseries do not know or grow! His goal is to have each tree individually pruned, staked, and carefully grown to produce the finest quality tree possible. “Dad always said: To have the finest trees, we have to grow our own!”

Cathy Brady

Retail Operations Manager

Cathy Brady has been a Kansas Certified Nurseryman for over 30 years and started working full-time in the fall of 1978 after attending Wichita State University.
Cathy’s duties include purchasing of all dry goods, fertilizers, bulbs, sprays, seeds, grass seed, Christmas trees and hardware. Cathy also works with sales representatives, oversees the buys of flowers and perennials, trains the retail staff to provide knowledgeable and quality service.
Some of Cathy’s extracurricular activities include: Being a Zoobilee Committee member and past board member of Botanica & Wichita Garden Show.

Steven Brady

Sales /Nursery Logistics

Steven is the 3rd generation Brady to grow up in the business. He has 8 years "formal experience" in the industry. He has been able to experience several facets of the business from field grower to landscape installer to retail garden center sales. He has been able to put his Kansas State University Horticulture education to great use. He loves to work with nature and with his hands. Steven is also interested in blacksmithing and ironwork.

Maureen Brady


Maureen Brady is the youngest of the Brady children. Like the other Brady children, Maureen has been immersed in the family business since she was young and started working full time in 1987. She helps out in different areas of the business, but is mostly responsible for the accounting aspect of the business.


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